Environmental Law

Timmins LLC advises clients concerning environmental issues in redevelopment projects, such as soil and groundwater contamination, vapor intrusion concerns, and hazardous materials in building components. We negotiate transaction documents to allocate responsibility for environmental liabilities among the parties. Our attorneys also negotiate necessary cleanup actions with other stakeholders, including local and state governmental agencies, and advise on post-closing remediation and abatement measures.

Our environmental law group counsels clients on environmental, health and safety matters, including compliance with RCRA, CERCLA release reporting, EPCRA, the Clean Water Air, the Clean Air Act, OSHA and state and local equivalents. We assist clients with conducting environmental audits, other internal investigations and with self-disclosure of violations under federal and state environmental audit programs. Timmins LLC also represents clients concerning governmental notices of violation.

We are experienced in leading environmental diligence in corporate transactions and advising clients on the costs associated with identified liabilities, including compliance and cleanup liabilities. We negotiate purchase, financing and insurance agreements, as well as direct post-closing compliance with transaction-triggered obligations, such as permit transfers and governmental notifications.

We also advise clients involved in litigation on environmental liabilities, including governmental and private party cleanup litigation (e.g., CERCLA administrative orders or cost recovery/contribution actions).